Foreclosure property listings in Dallas Fort Worth


There’s an unlimited amount of information on finding foreclosures in Dallas Fort Worth, and tons of services that will charge you a fee just for access to their data.  We even have our own foreclosure property listings in Dallas Fort Worth TX by looking right here. Join our Foreclosure Property Alert List here >>

How can you tell between credible information and sucker marketing with local Foreclosure properties?

A handful of services – like – are doing a really good job with collecting and

Foreclosure Property Listings in Dallas Fort Worth

consolidating information from multiple sources. Real estate investors like us use them because it’s much cheaper and much faster to use their information rather than combing through the classifieds ourselves. But the biggest drawback with online services like that is the info in them can be older.

You might be looking at some foreclosures that other investors who got their info direct from the courthouse months ago.

We also use other sources too.

Many real estate agents who “specialize in foreclosures” post their own lists, but many times these are often just marketing games to trade your contact info for old goods.

It never hurts to sign up for free lists – if the info is not of quality, just quickly unsubscribe.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time getting excited about properties that are already sold or no longer available, but this is just part of the learning curve when you’re just starting out in the foreclosure market looking for foreclosure listings in Dallas Fort Worth.

If you routinely don’t see any new or exclusive information on the list that you can’t get elsewhere, just don’t use it.

We’re not realtors, so we don’t sell information or give away bad lists.

All properties we advertise are actually our own investments that we’ve found or have contracted, so it will be a short but exclusive list.

We’ve built a smaller but close network of investors who want to purchase quality investment properties in Dallas Fort Worth TX.

We find the deepest discounts and pass them along – while trying to keep a reasonable return that allows us to profit.

When we scoop up a great deal on a cheap foreclosure (or non foreclosure – distressed house), we quickly shoot it out to our buyer’s list and sell it instantly.

If you’re ready to purchase and looking for quality properties, sign up – you’ll only hear from us with exclusive deals in Dallas Fort Worth you won’t find anywhere else.



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