How to find foreclosures in Dallas


The competition to find great deals on local Dallas Fort Worth TX foreclosure properties is extremely high right now in our market.

Finding theese good deals is only the first part of the process – you will also have to know how to capture them and manage them.

Check out a few secrets from the professionals that we’ve used with a high rate of success on how to find really good foreclosure deals in Dallas.

1. Take a second and comb through the same listings everyone uses.

How To Find Foreclosure In Dallas

There are many ways to access all of the local foreclosure data in Dallas Fort Worth. does a pretty  good job of sifting through default notices, bankruptcies, and distressed asset lists.  The one big drawback using online resources like this is there at times they tend to be lagging in time in the timeframe they obtain the info online… so usually the data tends to be and can be a bit dated.

2. Focus on researching the lesser-known publications sometimes used by smaller lenders.

Most all of the publications in Dallas are currently being indexed and captured online, but every now and then one will mistakenly only publish there information in a smaller circulation if they believe it meets their legal requirements. These notices are known as the notices of default that lenders are required to publish locally in the public record. This is usually the first place you can find out about a foreclosure.

3. Establish strong working relationships with at least one very good broker.

Thinking on how to find foreclosures in Dallas one way when you’re starting out as a new real estate investor in Dallas Fort Worth TX, you’d better not burn any bridges and get a bad name for yourself – especially be careful to not upset any of the big time brokers in the marketplace.

When talking about the top brokers (and that’s a very short list) you always want to work with lots of investors, because they know exactly who is looking to buy where and what kind of property – they’ll always only call the ones that they know will take action and actually close the deal with little or no hassles to them. Once you have fallen off of the short list of folks who get the calls, you probably will have a very hard time gettin back on it. Top brokers will feel that there are too many credible real estate investors looking for great deals for them to mess with dealing with rookie mistakes.

4. Look for and find people before their properties go into foreclosure and try your best to help them before a default notice is published.

This could possibly be the hardest and most time-consuming method of them all, but it is one of the best and only ways to avoid most all of the competition of lots of speculators that hunt published foreclosures like buzzards to a fresh kill. Speaking of which, you will never win in this business by treating other people like roadkill. Remember that your reputation is the most important thing and always act with integrity.

Homeowners who are facing foreclosure are in very tough circumstances, and they need a lot of help. When we are able to help people negotiate a short sale, lease option, or other creative transactions, then it is a win/win for everyone – and nobody loses. Acting with integrity helps us to get amazing referrals and the best deals that will never hit the open market. People will remember what we’ve done for them in the past, and when their friends and family members need similar help they will always send them to us. This is a good way on how to find foreclosure in Dallas.

5. Look for niche specialists like our firm who know how to find foreclosures in Dallas for you.

We’re not real estate brokers…..

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