How to find good investment property in Dallas

How to find good investment property in Dallas

There are a lot of investors who are looking to get started, and become  active real estate experts in Dallas Fort Worth TX, everyday we constantly get asked to share our secrets on how we do things.

How to find good investment property in Dallas

Fortunately for you, we have no secrets and do our best to help new investors.

One of the most common questions we get from everyone is ” How to find good investment property in Dallas?

With the current flooding of foreclosure deals all but completely dried up (as compared to how it was just a few years back)… investors are needing to get way more creative in finding the best deals for Dallas Fort Worth investment properties.

We locate our properties from a large variety of marketing resources… online, offline, and so on… so there is really not just one way that is best on how to find good investment property in Dallas.

Most new real estate investors are deathly afraid of competition – they think that if they let anyone know their secrets, someone will steal their ideas and run with them.

That’s far from how we work. We choose to work with other investors to accomplish goals that we can’t and couldn’t do all alone.

However, there are a few core principles that are important to really understand closely if you want to get the best investment property deals in Dallas.

First, think long term.

Real estate is on it’s own and doesn’t move the way the stock market does. Real estate is where people live, work and build a family – it is real life and not just numbers on a screen. It’s extremely had to make a large amount of cash in a short-term real estate deal, they are just hard to come by.

So do’t get your hopes on to how to get away with get rich quick tricks, or that you’re smarter than the investors who have been investing long before you. Thinking long-term and setting attainable goals means learning from the past to better anticipate the future.

It also means that if you are unable find the local investment properties you’re looking for quickly… just know that this business is definitely not a sprint… it’s more like a marathon.

This is why it’s a great idea to find multiple different sources of properties that fit your criteria (like our Dallas Fort Worth Investment Property Buyers List >> ) so you have a larger amount of great deals to look at.

Second, always network and focus on relationships.

The investment community as a whole in in Dallas Fort Worth is much smaller than you would actually believe.

There are really just a few brokers and investors who conduct most of the business in the market.

They’re routinely working with the same people on a regular basis and stay in a tight nit community. It’s definitely worth the time and effort to find them and learn from them if at all possible.

to get to know them go to your local REIA meetings and find the people who are currently active and talk to them as much as you can. Try and find out by asking them which real estate agents they use, what wholesalers in the area find and sell the best deals (and alwasy get their info) and let everyone you talk to know that you are looking for deals that fit your specific criteria.

Who are the people you should you get to know?

  • Always focus on a few of the top investment friendly real estate brokers in Dallas Fort Worth
  • Real estate appraisers who deal w/ the different types of properties you deal with
  • The top known wholesalers in the area
  • The top known property rehabbers / flippers in the market
  • Title agents that deal with investors

Third, identify and focus on your target investments.

Investing is like most other aspects of life – the individuals who are the most focused often succeed the most.  Some people end up making millions just in parking garages or storage units or other targeted investing techniques.

Others master investing in residential apartments, while some deal strictly with retail. Once you find exactly what you want to own, you can then go about creating a plan to find out who owns it and how to get it before another investor does.

Finally – use as much technology as you can.

Sign up for our list of exclusive properties, and we’ll notify you instantly when we find another great deal.

We fconstatnly are sourcing properties with deep discounts, we then secure them and sell them for a discounted rate to the other people on our buyer’s list who are ready to pull the trigger.

We don’t mess around with average deals – we only pass along great deals to our buyer’s. We’re not real estate agents, and our business is a niche within the Dallas Fort Worth market.

If you’re actively and currently looking to seriously invest in Dallas Fort Worth, we’d love to speak to you anytime.

So hopefully you have a little better idea on how to find great investment properties in Dallas Fort Worth. If you have questions you can reach us by calling 469-209-5350 or joining our buyers list below!

Give us a call (469) 855-6963 or fill out the form to get started now.

“How to find good investment property in Dallas”

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