About Us

Connor Buys Houses is a family owned and operated North Texas house buying company.  Our mission is to help struggling homeowner’s get out from underneath problem properties that banks will not loan on and that cannot be sold with a realtor.  We are proud to revitalize neighborhoods all around the metroplex going into certain markets and injecting large amount’s of capital to increase property values and provide quality houses to live in for our community one home at a time.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to selling your house fast.  We do our best to make it quick and as stress free as possible.  We can buy your house sometimes in as little as a few days.  We are not realtors we are house buyers and we have a reputation in the market place for paying TOP DOLLAR prices.


We make all cash offer’s the sameday we see the property and we buy the house in AS-IS condition.

Simply take what you want and need and leave everything else to us.

We are looking forward to quickly helping anyone in our community who is caught in a situation that is causing unnecessary strain on themelves and their families.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to speak with you and discuss your situation.





We pursue daily bringing hope and encouragement to homeowner’s and their families, by providing quality services, products and properties, and investment and partnership opportunities, based off honest, ethical, and moral biblical principles.


  1. Always Putting People And Our Principles Before Profits
  2. Staying Open-Minded and Open To Change
  3. To Always Stay Focused, Creative, and To Have Fun Helping Our Community
  4. To Personally Take Ownership and Remain Accountable Daily For our Actions
  5. We Create Long Lasting And Genuine Relationships Friendships With Our Customers
  6. To Keep A Sense Of Urgency, Positive Attitude, and a Focused Mind-set on Doing Our Absolute Best
  7. Stay Strongly Committed To Self-Improvement
  8. To Always Be Growing A Positive Team Mentality With A Family Spirit
  9. To Always Remain Humble and Honest In Our Actions
  10. To Help Rebuild And Add Value To Our Community


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