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Everyday Arlington homeowner’s contact us saying I need to SELL MY HOUSE FAST ARLINGTON, is this possible and cna you help me?


Sell My House Fast Arlington – We Buy Houses Arlington

First off we want to stress that we are not realtors and we are not here to list your house we are here to actually buy it.  So when you come to us asking can I sell my house fast Arlington we tell you that you are in the right place and you will pay NO fess or commissions.

We are one of the top house buyer’s in Arlington. You have probably seen our  “We Buy Houses Arlington” signs around town.  We are the ones who can help you fix your property problem and fix it fast.  We have a reputation for paying TOP DOLLAR for houses in your market usually 1-2% higher then everyone else because they way we have structured our business. It may not sound like a lot but that is thousands of dollars.

We purchase Arlington houses using 4 unique strategies with variations of each adjusted accordingly to each of your individual situations.  We can pay cash, work with you with owner financing, we can take over your payments, or we will even partner with you and lend you the money to rehab your house to get top dollar.  If you need to sell your Arlington house fast you can call us 7 days a week at 469-855-6963.

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When asked can I sell my Arlington house fast we usually tell you we are best known for making quick cash offers the same day you call us.  We act fast because we know that is what our customers want. We will come out to the property and check things out and bring a contract with us.  We will need to get the property at a discount off of it’s rehabbed market value in order for us to take on the risk if we pay cash. This is because of all the costs associated with taking on such a large project.

It is risky and expensvie buying houses when you add up all of the rehab costs, marketing costs, closing costs, carrying costs, and financing costs.  We do also invest a large amount of time into each project we take on so as long as you know this ahead of time that we do need to make a profit we will give you the highest price possible for your home as long as we can do so safely on our side.  However, a lot of times a homeowner will not have enough equity in the home for us to make a cash offer it just depends on each individual case we come across. We buy houses in Arlington and we can buy yours today if the numbers work and are fair to you and fair to us.

Call us right now to get your fair quick cash offer 469-855-6963.


As we mentioned above to sell my Arlington house fast we can purchase the home using more then one strategy.  In fact some of our unique ways of buying your house have become more popular then taking a cash offer as of late.  Cash is a good way to go if you have to sell the home right away and the property is in bad shape.  The problem is with a cash offer you will be rquired and end up paying income taxes as compared to capital gains taxes with other methods of selling your house.  We are not the ones making you pay taxes but we can help you avoid them.

If you decide you want to get close to full market value and sometimes even more then full market value you will need to sell your Arlington house using what is called owner financing.  By doing this because of the time value of money similar to how the lottery payouts work you can either get a lump sum of cash up front, or you can get all your money out over time.  By waiting and taking your money in monthly payments you can get all of your equity out over time and a much higher price.  You will also earn a high interest rate as compared to what the bank will pay you after you pay a fortune in taxes and then give it to them to hold on to.  Most homeowners do not know and are unaware that if you have your money in a bank you are actually a real estate investor investing in properties in your market. However, the bank is still making a fortune off you by paying you a whopping 1%.  We actually pay our private investors 10%.  The bank takes your money and lends it out to someone like us at 5-6% and we go buy more Arlington houses.  Our goal is to work with you and let you be the bank and we can both elminate the third party and keep the extra cash between the two of us. The less parties involved the less we have to spread the same amount of money around.


Sell My House Fast Arlington – We Buy Houses Arlington

We buy houses Arlingotn and the other way we commonly purchase homes when we hear sell my Arlington house fast is we can take over your payments. This can happen usually the sameday. If you have no equity then no problem.  We are one of the very few companies In Arlington that can handle this type of situation. We will step in and take over your responsibility moving forward. We will catch up all your back taxes and missed payments making you whole again.  Immediately, when we do this your credit will begin to start repair itself.  We will then make the payments on the house and cover all the other costs until the house is sold and your debt will be cleared and you can be done with it all together.

The last way we can help you is we have a rehab partnership program.  We buy houses in Arlington but we can also partner with you.  As of now we have yet to find any other company offering to do this for their clients.  There are a lot of homes being rehabbed and if you do not have new granite countertops and expensive floors with a great paint job you may have found out your home will not sell for what you thought it would or near as fast.

There is a lot of competition in the market currently and you are competing against professional rehab teams in your neighborhood.  Most of the time the home owner cannot sell their house quickly because they cannot affort a 20-30 k rehab which is about normal for most houses in this market.  What we do is we will partner with you and pay for the rehab, do the rehab, and sell the house fast for you. It will take 3-9 months but you will make more money then you would have selling your home for cash or using a realtor. If you can await a little a few months this is a very good option for most owners.

To learn about what we can do for you or how much we can offer or which offer is best for you then please take a minute to opt into our QUICK RESPONSE FORM right here online. We can also be reached 7 days a week by phone, text, or email.  You can email us at

Many people choose just to punch in their information online for conveniene for you and for us into the QUICK RESPONSE FORM. Sell my Arlington house fast right now by contacting us right away.