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We get asked all the time if it is really possible to sell my house fast in Frisco? It is absolutely possible and easy to do because we have 4 main strategies in which we buy houses Frisco.

First off, and most commonly we pay cash for houses in your market. We are known for making TOP DOLLAR offers within 24 hours of visiting the property. We can either match or beat just about any offer you may happen to receive. We close quickly within 7 days if the title is clear. You pay no realtor fess or commissions. We can and will also will partner with you, loan you the rehab money, and do the rehab for you if the home needs repairs and you cannot afford to do these on your own. We are able to work with you on owner financing, or we can simply step in and take over your payments if you have no equity and do not have time to wait to receive it. We tailor each of these creative and innovative ways we buy houses in Frisco to meet your specific situation.

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When you think sell my Frisco house fast most people automatically think I want CA$H. In fact I have never talked to a homeowner that did not want to get CA$H for their house right away. This is a good way to go if you have enough equity built up. We buy houses in Frisco using cash with a basic formula that is standard across pretty much any company you will talk to. Most people are unaware that if they go to 1,000 house buyer’s they will get 1,000 offers within a few grand of each other. They think if they hold out just a little longer they will find the right one when in reality everyone offer’s off the same mathematical formula. The truth is we are all very similar. We do however have a smaller employee base and less overhead being a family run business which allows us to put more of our capital into higher offers than paying employees.  We can offer about 1-2% more which means thousands more in your pocket. This helps us help you.

However, we are a little bit different then every other Frisco House buyer. We do things differently and help you in many ways others can’t or just simply won’t. For example, we will partner with you and loan you the rehab money to fix your home up to tip top shape so it is at the top of the market and it can stand a real chance of competing in the market place. The truth is there are other homes being rehabbed all around at all times and if yours is not in mint condition you will have to wait 6 months to realize it won’t sell even in a hot market or you will have to sell at a discount and still pay a realtor commission.

We will offer to partner up, loan you the money, do the rehab for you, and help sell the house. We joke that you can call as many other companies as you can until you cannot hold the phone up to your ear any longer trying to find just one other house buying team that will offer you a program like this. We take a large hit in our profit margin to do this, but we understand our community needs help sometimes and when nobody else will help them beat the bank and stop foreclosure in Frisco we will. We buy houses Frisco but we will also partner with you.  We wouldn’t be so popular if we didn’t provide top notch opportunities for our community that nobody else will. Our rehab partnership loan program is specifically something we do on our own that is not offered anywhere else that we know of.


Another way to sell my house fast Frisco if you have no equity is to owner finance the home to us or to a buyer we find you. This is becoming a very popular way to sell your Frisco house fast as homeowner’s become more and more educated. Cash for houses in Frisco is a nice way to go but you do have to pay a large tax burden and sell at a discount. People are wising up and are deciding they want full market value. Nobody will pay full market value up front in cash, but if you are willing to play the role of the bank and wait for your equity you can have it all in time. You will receive a large down payment, a high interest rate, and almost always-full market value.

Also, just like Warren Buffet, you will avoid income tax and keep much more of your hard earned money by paying capital gains. The way the world works is that when you make your hard earned money you go to a bank and the bank gives you a mortgage.  You then pay it down and build up equity.  If you sell your Frisco house you then take what is left after taxes and put it into a bank account or a CD or some form of low return.  The bank is very generous and they give you 1% usually.  Yes, I know it does not even get close to keeping up with inflation but this is how it is.  If they were to pay you more then they would not be able to make a fortune off you lending that money out to Frisco house buyer’s like us.  What happens is they loan your money out to someone just like us and then we go buy more houses with it.

How is that fair right??

It isn’t but that’s how it really works.  What we want is to work with you one on one and eliminate the bank. We keep all that extra money between you, the seller, and we the buyer.  Also, we sell our houses on owner financing so if you need a new house let us know.

The last way we operate is if you do not have time to wait for your full equity amount and you have to sell fast we buy houses Frisco using another strategy in which we come in can take over your payments and make them for you going forward. We will catch up all of your missed payments and back taxes and pay all the costs from that point on while your credit rebuilds itself. We will then cover everything until the house sells. To sell my Frisco house fast I would call someone like us right away at least to hear your options and ask a few questions. It doesn’t hurt to at least learn that you do have options. Call us at 469-855-6963. Or opt into our quick online response form for a fast and easy response and we will contact you shortly.

Can I sell my house fast in Frisco? This should no longer be a worry that bothers you because we are here to help.  We can help you beat the bank and save your credit if you need to avoid forclosure Frisco.  We are open 7 days a week uintil 10 pm to answer questions.  Call Connor to discuss your options or take just 60 seconds to opt in right now online into our quick online response form.


 “We Buy Houses Frisco”

We know this may or may not be for you but we raise capital for real estate deals. We raise money to buy foreclsures and distressed properties and we help private investors profit with us by investing out of their IRA or 401k.  We pay a fixed double digit rate of return.