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Connor Steinbrook is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas (License # 0698803). Click the button below to view the Information About Brokerage Services.

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Connor Buys Houses is a top house buyer paying TOP DOLLAR prices in your local area.  We are most known for beating the industry standard when making cash offers as well as out other creative and innovative house buying programs.  We buy houses Keller using 4 different strategies with variations of each that we adjust per individual we work with.


You pay ZERO in FEES or COMMISSIONS when working with us.

We buy houses Keller in any condition or price range.  We buy houses that have fire, water, and pet damage.  We have seen it all.  We buy them in AS-IS condition. Simply take what you want and leave the rest behind for us to handle it.

We bring a contract with us and make you an offer on the spot after seeing the house.  We just need a few minutes to walk the house, take a few photos, crunch the numbers, and then we will make you an offer right then and there. It is that simple.

What Are All The Ways I Can Sell My House Fast Keller?

When you call Connor Buys Houses and ask us what ways can I sell my house fast Keller these will be your options…..


2. Owner Financing

3. We can take over your payments

4. Rehab partnerhsip program – we loan you the rehab money, do the rehab for you, and then sell the house on the backside.

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Sell My House Fast Keller – We Buy Houses Keller

First off, CASH is king no matter where you go.  This is one of our most common ways to buy houses in Keller.  Everyone wants to get there cash and go.  We can do this for you and close wuickly within 7-10 days in most cases depending on other factors like a clear title or not.  If you want to take your money and run this a fast and easy way to sell your Keller house.

You can sell your Keller house fast using other methods as well like owner financing.  This is becoming one of our moust popular programs because of te large return you get.  You will get more money for you house selling with owner financing then any other method you decide to sell with.  The only drawback is you have to wait to get your money out. It is a long-term play but a highly profitable one sometimes netting you over market value for the house.  You get a down payment up front, large monthly payments at a high interest rate, and all your equity out over the length of the loan at around market value prices. You also enjoy paying capital gains taxes versus income tax.

We are asked a lot if I can still sell my house fast Keller if I have liens or back payments or taxes. Absolutely,  you can defintely sell your Keller house fast with missed payments because we will pay them. We can come in and take over your payments going forward while making up all the debt and backed up missed fees associated with the house.  We make all the payments for however long it takes until we can sell the property and cash you out of the loan.  While we make the payments we build your credit back so you can secure the right to own another house in the near future. This is a strategy we use with people facing foreclosure or who have no equity in the house and cannot accept a cash offer without writing a check at closing.

We buy houses Keller but we can also offer to partner with you using our rehab partnership program.  Many times a house cannot sell because it cannot compete in the market because the other homes around it are newer or already rehabbed.  If you cannot afford to do the rehab on your own this is where we can help.  We can come in and loan you the money, do the rehab for you, then sell the house on the backend.  This works great if you cannot take a cash offer because of low equity. It does take a number of months to do the project in full but it is a great way to go in certian cases.  To learn more about this program or any of our others call us at 469-855-6963.

Those are the 4 ways in which we buy houses in Keller and what we tell our homeowner’s who call us everyweek asking how can I sell my house fast Keller?

We also offer consulting services to newer investors to help train you how to invest.

We work with private investors as well.  We raise private capital from investors in our market and buy foreclosures and distressed real estate. We pay our investors a fixed double digit rate of return.  Call us at 469-855-6963 to learn more.

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