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     Sell My House Fast Lewisville


SELL MY HOUSE FAST LEWISVILLE – Call us We Buy Houses Lewisville

Everyday our phone rings and we are asked can you help me sell my house fast Lewisville??

ABSOLUTELY!!! We are locally most known for PAYING TOP DOLLAR PRICES for Lewisville houses!!!

In many cases we are even able to pay you full market value with NO FEES or COMMISSIONS!!!

Working with us you will have multiple options to sell your house even if you have little or no equity we can still buy your house.  We are a family owned and operated company and have a reputation as being known to be one of the top local house buyer’s in Lewisville.

We are house buyers not not realtors and we will not be listing your house we will buy it. Below we will briefly discuss the 4 different ways in which we buy houses in Lewisville.

Reach us by calling 469-855-6963

  5 minutes is definitely worth it to see if we can save you a few thousand $$$$$$$$!!!!!!

We can make you an all cash offer on the spot the sameday and close in 7 days or less.

We will have no problem buying your house in AS-IS condition and you are free to take what you want and need with you and to leave the rest behind for us to handle. Just like everyone else we can and will pay CA$H for your house.  Although, we offer multiple other programs that may be much more suitable and profitable for you and your family that cannot be found elsewhere.

An example would be our rehab partnership program that almost nobody else offers in Lewisville. We will believe it or not team up and partner with you loaning you the money to rehab your house to make nice and competetive in the market place so it won’t sit for 6 months being overlooked.

We have the ability to and can take over your payments and make them going forward until the house sells, or if you would like and prefer we can give you most of if not all of your equity through what is known in our business as owner financing.

Please take just a minute or two to go ahead and read through this page to get a better idea of the multiple options you have when it comes to working with us and selling your Lewisville house fast.


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What is one way of the most common ways I can sell my house fast Lewisville??


 Just about everyone wants cash and we can definitely give it to you and get it to you quickly.  We are known for paying top dollar prices for your houses around 1-2% higher then market average and we can make you an all CA$H offer the same day we visit the home.  We will just need to take about 30 minutes to walk through the house, take some pictures, run some numbers, and then we will make you on offer on the spot.


 How can I sell my house fast Lewisville?

Cash is always a really good way to go if you happen to enough equity in the property to do so.  However, in some cases it may be tough if you have hardly any equity.  The best thing about cash is you get your money quickly and the house gets sold instantly.  However, if you are wanting a cash offer we can only  make an offer at a discount below market value to minimize our risk and leave us room to make a profit.  Buying Lewisville houses is the costs add up quickly and it can be very risky as well.  We will have marketing costs, rehab costs, closing costs, carrying costs, financing costs, time costs, and just the overall risk that comes with doing this business. Then when it is all said and done and the house sells we still have to pay taxes on it.

So when you call in asking us how can I sell my house fast Lewisville??? Our most common way is CA$H!!!!


We buy houses Lewisville but we can also offer you something that may be hard to find elsewhere.  We may be the only house buyers in North Texas that will actually partner with you doing this strategy.  Most any other house buyer will pass on this because they forfeit so much of their profit to do so. We are however in business to make a profit and help our community at the sametime.  The truth is most homeowner’s are completely unaware of just how competitive it is their market at any given time.  There can easily be a hundred or more houses for sale in your close proximity with many being newly renovated. If your house is dated even just a little bit it then this will increase the likelihood that it will sit on the market for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have large amounts of money laying around and they cannot pay do to a major renovation, or they can and they do not want to risk investing so much in fear they will not get their money back out.


We will actually come in and be the ones to loan you the money to rehab the house, team up with you, do the rehab project ourselves, and then we will help sell your house for you.  When the house is sold then we will split in the profits.

 Our rehab partnership program is growing more an more popular and is one of the main reasons we get so many referrals.

Call us right now today if you want a fair all cash offer or you would like to parnter…. 469-855-6963.


How to sell my house fast Lewisville when I we have very little or zero equity?  Now let’s briefly touch on two other ways we are able to help homeowner’s if their present situation is little or no equity.  Not everyone has 3- 6 months to wait for the rehab partnership project to be completed and sold to get their money out of the house.  Although, the problem is when you do have little equity you are not really able to take an ALL CA$H offer without coming out of pocket and writing a check at closing.

So what are our options then Connor if we don’t have enough money to write a check at closing and we have zero equity to pay a real estat agent or rehab the house into top notch shape so we can sell it fast?

Thanks for asking….  What we can do is we can simply jump in and start making all of your payment’s going forward for you.  If you have back payments we will come in and catch up all your back taxes, missed payments, and lawyers fees.  We will make you full again right away and this will at the sametime instantly begin to repair your credit score defending your future right to own a new home again in the very near future.  We will then continue on making all your payments and pay any other costs that may be associated with the property going forward until the house can be sold at some point.



How else can I sell my house fast Lewisville? Another common way in which we can help our community is by allowing you to act as the bank and sell your house with what is known as owner financing.  This is quickly becoming one of the most common ways to sell your  houses these days in this new age of education among homeowners.  More and more owners are becoming more and more aware and educated and are understanding that there may be better ways to sell their house that result in giving them a much higher return.  Instead of taking a discounted CA$H sales price you have the option and can get all of your equity this way and sometimes more then the house. This is all dependent on if you work with us on terms.  When selling for CA$H you get a big check up front, and then you end up putting it in the bank most times earning you a return of a whopping 1%.  The truth of what is really happening is you are now investing in real estate without knowning it.  The bank will then take your hard earned money ripping you off paying you 1% and then loan it out to someone like us at 5-8% and we go buy more houses with it. They lend your money to We Buy Houses Lewisville companies everyday and pay you nothing in return.

How is this fair?? It is not fair but that is how it really works behind the scenes…….

Our main goal is to eliminate the bank all together keeping the money in your hands and ours. The reason banks have so much money is they hold all the debt and they write the mortgages. The way owner financing works is we pay you a big down payment up front and your remaining balance monthly until paid in full. So you will almost always get your full asking price, you get a good sized down payment, monthly cash flow with interest, and almost if not all of your remaining equity over time.

A lot of people we work with realize the power of letting their house be a cash flowing asset instead of it being a liability draining money monthly.  Owner financing is quickly becoming much more popular.  Many of our clients are BABY BOOMERS using this strategy as part of their retirement plan.

In addition, we know this may or may not be for you but if you know anyone who may be interested in earning 10-12% on their capital secured by a first position mortgage in real estate, short term for 6-9 months we do work with private investors in our community. We help our clients by helping them self-direct their IRA or 401k’s so they can earn a higher return then what the bank offers them while securing the investment with the collateral of the property.

We buy houses Lewisville and work locally with people in your community everyday.  You can reach us by calling us at 469-855-6963. Another quick and easy way to get your information to us about your property is to fill in the QUICK ONLINE RESPONSE FORM by clicking this link.

 We buy houses Lewisville every week and our known for paying TOP DOLLAR and closing quickly.  Once again you can easily reach us at 469-855-6963 or by taking a minute right now to fill in the online. QUICK REPSPONSE FORM.