It is not uncommon for us to get contacted and have the question can you SELL MY DALLAS HOUSE FAST? Homeowner’s who get caught up in a tight spot usually wait until the last minute before they finally decide they have to sell their Dallas house quickly.  If this sounds like you and you need to sell your house now we can be reached anyday of the week by text, phone, or email.  We work with many different exit strategies with everyone’s favorite being a quick cash offer.  If you need to sell your Dallas home quickly you are just one phone call away and less then 24 hrs from a contract in your hand.  You can reach us at 469-855-6963 

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How to sell my Dallas house fast??

When asked how to sell my Dallas house fast we infrom our clients that there are 4 main startegies we use with variations of each. We buy houses Dallas using cash, owner financing, subject to, and partnership programs.  We have variations of each strategy we tailor to your specific situation appropriately.  If you have no equity no problem.  We can come in and take over your payments moving forward until we can sell the house.  Or if the house needs repairs to sell the Dallas home fast and you cannot afford to make them we can partner with you.  We will actually come in and loan you the rehab money, do the rehab for you, and then help you sell your Dallas house fast.  We then share in the equity spread.  This is very popular for a lot of our clients.  We also work with owner financing where we can usually give you full market value when we buy your property, but you will need to be patient and get your equity monthly over time, however you will get a high interest rate and powerful tax advantages.

Sell my Dallas House Fast…


I guess I can sell my Dallas House Fast is what you should be believing by now. We are leading experts on all the Dallas and North Texas markets and follow them all very closely.  We know exactly what we can get for your house if you elect to work with us.  It takes us less then 24 hours to give you usually multiple offers which you then have the luxury of choosing from.  We bring a contract with us the day we come to the property.  We are serious Dallas home buyer’s and we buy houses in Dallas all the time.  We do not mess around.  When we know someone is in a Stop Dallas Foreclosure situation we know we have to act quickly to buy your house. We want to make sure the bank leaves you alone and does not mess up your credit.  It can affect your credit for up to 10 years sometimes if you are unable to avoid Dallas foreclosure.  We can usually help you sell your Dallas house fast and put money in your pocket even in low equity situations if you are flexible and willing to work on creative terms.  Many homeowner’s are gravitating towards owner financing and other strategies like when we take over the payment’s these days just because of the higher sales price and larger amount of equity they can pull out over time.  If you sell your Dallas house quickly and get a higher interst rate then you would from the bank along with full market value and avoid high taxes why wouldn’t you want to be patient.  Call us to learn more about this option at 469-855-6963

SELL MY DALLAS HOUSE FAST??? This should no longer be a question anymore….

You should no longer be asking yourself if I can sell my Dallas house fast but am I ready to.  We can come in and buy your house extremely fast and close in a matter of days.  We come prepared to hand you a contract the day we meet.  We explain all the options and handle all the paperwork.  We are ready to act right now… immediately!!! We know that a lot of individuals in our community are in a situation where they need to avoid Dallas foreclosure right now.  We urge you not to hesitate if you have already received your notice of default letter.  We buy Dallas houses and will close in days but we still ask you not to delay.  We buy old, new, ugly, pretty, big, small, cheap, and expensive houses… we buy them all.  Even houses that are overleveraged and have no equity. We can buy yours today.  Once again that number is


To sell my Dallas house fast you can just handle it right here and right now by going to our online FAST RESPONSE FORM.  It could not be more simple.  All you have to do is fill in each box and let us know your situation.  We will get in touch with you shortly.  We will then discuss the issue you are having and explain how we will help you fix it. If we can come together on a price that is fair for you and fair for us will will sign a contract right then and there and we both mutually benefit.  We would like to request that you take just a moment to fill out the FAST RESPONSE FORM so we can get back with you very soon.  It is easy to sell my Dallas house fast you should be saying by now.

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